Winter Wonderland in Maine

Fresh snow falls on a small Maine island. Photo c. Nathaniel Hammond
Fresh snow falls on a small Maine island.
Photo c. Nathaniel Hammond
This year’s long, cold Maine winter does have some bright spots, including the winter wonderland we awake to every time we have a fresh snowfall. Today is one of those days. Although it’s bitterly cold outside, I have a great view from my office window of clear blue skies and whitecaps dancing across azure water while seagulls soar overhead.
When you spend winter on a small island with about 100 other hardy people, you quickly learn to help each other out. Last week more than 100 people, including of course some who came over from the mainland, attended a benefit potluck supper at the little island church’s community hall. All the proceeds went to help a local family whose business recently burned down. That kind of camaraderie is one of the best things about living in Maine.
Cold or not, sunny days like this one bring out walkers, and this morning I saw people I haven’t run across in weeks, bundled up to their eyes but determined to get out and about. It has been a rough winter even by Maine standards, but with the end of February in sight, everyone is looking forward to spring….eventually. Meanwhile, we slide to the store in the morning for the newspapers, cross-country ski in our own back yards, and experiment with meals that take all day to cook and warm up the kitchen while they’re bubbling along. Pretty soon I should be reporting on the first returning birds and the first crocus sightings….just not this week, I expect, as another 4-8 inches of snow are predicted within the next few days.