Springtime in New England

I’ve just returned from traveling to research Backroads & Byways of New England  and was once again struck by the individual personalities of the six states. There’s certainly something for everyone,  from antiques in New Hampshire to historic houses in Rhode Island and the rocky coast and gourmet restaurants of Maine.  If you have a favorite New England spot, please share it with us; or, if you’d like to know more about someplace in this area, let me know.

As for that famous New England weather….a few days ago I was gardening in a T-shirt and shorts. This morning I jogged in sweats and a parka, then came back and buried my tomato plants that had succumbed to last night’s cold temperatures. That’s springtime in New England!

Seeing the USA by train

Last year I was fortunate to travel from Maine to California by train and write about the experience for several major newspapers. Since then, I’ve had lots of emails from readers who have been inspired to take the same trip.  If you’re looking for a great summer vacation, I can highly recommend traveling across the country this way.  You can read about my journey here: http://www.ajc.com/news/content/travel/otherdestinations/us_stories/2008/06/19/cross_country_american_train_trip.html

If you do travel by train, please let other blog readers know how you enjoyed your trip.

Stay tuned. Soon we’ll talk about some great New England trips, Quebec City, and for those of you who have asked about the writing life, some tips for breaking into print or on-line publications.