July on a Small Maine Island

July is slipping by all too quickly, as usual. It’s my favorite month of the year and also seems the shortest. The island has come alive with summer residents and, now and then, a few tourists brave enough to travel  off the beaten park and find us. We’ve had several blazing hot days that we all wish we could bottle and release in February when the snow is piled up to the first-floor windows. There’s plenty to do at this time of year, from swimming in an ocean finally warm enough not to turn you into a human popsicle, to clam festivals, camping, sailing, kayaking, star-gazing, and just kicking back with a local brew and a fresh lobster. Hot days like today, with just enough breeze blowing to keep things comfortable, are reason enough for living in Maine.

As you travel, watch for our local wildlife both on and off the water. Moose, deer, seals, loons, cormorants, and puffins (the only way to see these is from the water–try a puffin cruise with the Hardy III in New Harbor) are all easy to spot at this time of year. Did you know that Maine has the second-largest moose herd in the country? The only one larger is in Alaska.

Time to assemble the lobster salad and make a batch of wild blueberry muffins. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful summer wherever your travels may bring you.

A lobster bake on the beach is a highlight of summer in Maine. Photo (c) Nathaniel Hammond