March on a Small Maine Island

Thank you to all of my readers who have hung in there during this long hiatus from the blog. Winter was busy, but now I hope to check in more frequently and continue to share life on one of Maine’s lovely island communities with you.

As with everyone else in the country, talk here on the island is all about the coronavirus. Being somewhat isolated, we are probably safer than many people, but as the virus makes its first headway into the state, of course it makes sense to be cautious.  That caution has included cancelling events like a bean supper at the little church hall that serves as our social center, along with church services themselves for the next few weeks at least. But residents of small communities tend to take care of one another and we are no different. We’ll get through it together.

Meanwhile, life goes on. The days are longer, the weather is marginally warmer, and as I write this bright sunshine is sparkling off the water outside my office window.  I noticed the first crocuses barely breaking through the ground this morning.

Wherever you are, stay safe and healthy, and check back soon for more news about life on a small Maine island and occasional forays elsewhere.