Late Summer in Maine

I like to hold on to every possible moment of summer, so I’m not quite ready to give in to fall yet. After all, there are still nearly three weeks of the best season of the year to enjoy!
Here on my small Maine island we’ve had wonderful weather for the past two weeks. The sun is shining brightly today after a foggy start this morning, and there’s still plenty of beach, boating,

Sunrise over Rockland Harbor, Maine (c) Karen Hammond
Sunrise over Rockland Harbor, Maine
(c) Karen Hammond
and hammock weather to take advantage of. I hate rushing through the seasons. Nothing annoys me more than having the kids get out of school at the end of June and then seeing the back-to-school ads a week later.
Fall in New England has its own special charm, of course, but I’m going to enjoy these waning days of summer before I start thinking about pumpkins and fall holidays. How about you?