Boston Strong — and Stronger

It was wonderful to see the people of Boston come together again yesterday on the anniversary of the Boston bombing. What a great city. I’m a little prejudiced of course because I grew up in the suburbs and lived in Back Bay for a few years after college. When you’re young and single, there’s no better place to live. Along with fabulous colleges, great museums, world-class restaurants, and of course all that history waiting around every corner, it’s a unique and exciting place.
I wanted to share this photo with those who may not have been to Boston yet. It’s a nice panoramic

A bird's-eye view of Boston.  Photo (c) Nathaniel Hammond
A bird’s-eye view of Boston. Photo (c) Nathaniel Hammond
view from a hotel window. Those of you who love Fenway Park will recognize it near the top center of the image.
I’ll be back to chat some more on Marathon Monday. Meanwhile, let’s all keep the families touched by last year’s tragedy in mind and remember, as well, all the good and kind people from Boston and beyond who went out of their way to help them. This year’s marathon promises to be bigger and better than ever — Boston Strong, indeed.

February on a Small Maine Island

Snow falls on a tranquil island in Maine.
Snow falls on a tranquil island in Maine.

Winter is well underway here in Maine, with crisp, cold days followed by even colder nights. Definitely a time to tackle big projects inside, but also a good time to enjoy winter sports and scenery. I’ve been especially enjoying the sight of snow and ice sparkling on the trees. It makes shoveling a whole lot easier when there’s something pleasant to look at along the way!

I spent a recent weekend in Portland, a great foodie city–no wonder lovers of great food come from all over to eat there. Needless to say, I made the rounds–necessary research of course, since I write a lot about food–but it was also my birthday and therefore a good excuse to indulge. Hugo’s continues to impress–fabulous atmosphere, good wine list, fabulous wait staff, and excellent food as always. They are about to close down for remodeling–perhaps have already–and I’m sure it will be even better when they reopen in the spring. It’s always fun to eat at a place where everyone takes such pride in what they do.

It appears that writing about food and travel has been in my blood for a long time. I’m told that as a small child I constantly wandered off on “adventures” and had to be chased down by my worried parents and older sister. And by the time I was old enough to talk, I was demanding Grey Poupon mustard instead of the “yellow stuff.”  I guess it’s natural that I’ve always gravitated to places with great cuisine–Portland, Boston, Paris, Lyon, and Vienna are a few of my all-time favorites, but I’m equally  happy to buy a lobster fresh off the boat from one of the local lobstermen and eat it on the dock with melted butter running down my arm (but I’ll wait for summer for that!).