Maine in May

Spring has well and truly come to my little Maine island. Each weekend more and more summer residents arrive to open up their houses and settle in for the summer season. Of course the big influx comes in late June when school lets out, but retirees are already rumbling across the old scenic bridge that connects us to the mainland.

After a bizarre winter — a couple of 80 degree days in March; a snowstorm in April; frost warnings earlier this month — spring flowers like lilies of the valley are popping into bloom a couple of weeks earlier than usual. And down at the local cafe, everyone is talking about the birds — pileated woodpeckers, flocks of goldfinches, nesting ospreys, bald eagles circling over the water — who seem to be especially abundant and in particularly fine voice this year. Probably they’re as happy as we are to see the end of another winter.

Maine is an enthusiastic part of Red Sox Nation, of course, with all the delight and depair that go with rooting for the most mecurial team in baseball. If you missed my story about Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary  in April, here’s a link:

 The celebration will continue throughout the baseball season. If you can’t snag tickets, a tour of the park is a fun event in its own right.

 The Downeaster is a great way to travel between Maine and Boston. With a snack bar and free wi-fi at your fingertips and no parking hassles when you get to the city, how can you go wrong?

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