Vermont’s Woodstock Inn

I’ve just returned from a Women’s Wellness Weekend at Vermont’s lovely Woodstock Inn.  It’s always fun to travel in pursuit of new stories, and this was one of my favorite recent research trips.  The focus of the weekend was the inn’s luxurious spa, which offers a full range of treatments, but there were also excellent seminars–both serious and hilarious–on the topic of women’s health, as well as excellent, healthy meals prepared by the inn’s chef.

The village of Woodstock is lovely–one national magazine called it the prettiest small town in America–with a village green surrounded by Federal houses, a lively downtown area with independent bookshops, funky boutiques, pottery shops, and a variety of restaurants.

I highly recommend both the Women’s Wellness Weekend and the Woodstock Inn and Resort. You can get more info at these links:

Back now in my office on a dreary, cold and rainy day,  I’m glad I seized the moment. Check back soon for more ideas on where to travel in New England in the spring.

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