Springtime in New England

Spring rolled in earlier this week bringing marvelous weather with it. Here on my little Maine island, the thermometer rose to 84 degrees on Wednesday.  On that same day, Boston broke all prior records by a whopping 12 degrees. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the spring brings, and, for those of us who garden, what effect the unseasonably warm weather has on our flowers.  Meanwhile, it’s just plain enjoyable! When I jog in the early morning, I’m accompanied by birdsong of all kinds and, sometimes, the sight and sound of woodpeckers. Downy woodpeckers come regularly to the birdfeeders and we have pileated woodpeckers nesting in the yard.  The grass is greening up and a new cycle is beginning. Very soon the first tourists will be rumbling across the bridge and we’ll be sharing the island with those lucky enough to spend a week or two  here–but not lucky enough to live here year round!

 Don’t forget that this Sunday many of  the maple syrup producers in Maine will be hosting open houses to walk you through the maple syrup making process.  Many nearby churches or other organizations, and sometimes the syrup producers themselves, will put on pancake breakfasts. It’s a fun day for the entire family — and the true first taste of spring.  Enjoy!


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